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Our happy clients

I absolutely love working with ProvenCFO and am quick to refer them to peers within my professional network. The services they offer from basic bookkeeping to high-level CFO consulting provides me with the resources I need without having to hire a full entourage of staff internally.

JJ Kofford

Kiln, VP of Finanace

The ProvenCFO team did all I've asked for and went past those expectations creating reports, fixing items, and proactively worked on MedCognition's finances as if it was their own business.

Russell Unrath

Medcognition, CEO

ProvenCFO has been a game changer for me and my business. They've provided the expertise and guidance to allow me to use my time to work on my business more, and I would highly recommend working with them!

Stephanie Brown

Ox & Pine, CEO

They are HANDS DOWN the greatest financial accountants/advisors we have ever worked with. They took our wreck of information and turned into the most beautiful graphs and spreadsheets you’ve ever seen! I would work with these guys anytime!

Brian Hopkins

Martin Feed, GM

Jake has done an exceptional job managing the onboarding process and being quick to respond. Dave & Jake were very helpful in determining an FP&A tool and working towards implementation. Jon saved the day by getting Rippling to move the PEO pricing forward.

Brian Pulsipher

Continu, VP of Finance

It is really great working with the team at ProvenCFO. We go DEEP into the numbers and at the end of the day we get a really good idea on our forecasting and complex business decisions.

Arian Lewis Profile Picture

Arian Lewis

Kiln, CEO

ProvenCFO has helped us architect our systems and processes in our fast growing business. With their help we have significantly improved the clarity into our financial situation. They have saved us time, money & headache. We highly recommend working with these guys.

Andrew Redpath

Kiln, COO

Before ProvenCFO our company had pieced together softwares and financial infrastructure. After working with them we have well organized bookkeeping, financial reporting and strategic financial planning. We couldn’t speak more highly about Dave and Sam. We feel so lucky to have them on our team.

Finn and Emma Logo

Delia Elbaum

Finn & Emma, CEO

ProvenCFO takes their work seriously. They are meticulous.

Mary Kulbeth

SixFifty Technologies, COO

Rock star team!

Alex Cdebaca

Fermio, CEO & Founder

Dave and his team are extremely easy to work with. They are always very responsive and are willing to give as much help as needed.

Nicole Gardner

Clarke Capital, VP of Finance

Our core services

While we go so much further and do so much more for clients, these core services help provide a framework to provide you with relevant, reliable & real-time reporting.

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Finance 101
min read

Finance 101: Understanding the Balance Sheet

In my opinion and experience, the Balance Sheet is the most neglected and least understood financial document in the small business world. Too often a small business owner will skip the Balance Sheet entirely to focus solely on the Income Statement. Even if the Balance Sheet is utilized in decision making — it is often only the Cash & Cash Equivalents line item. Two significant issues exist from ignoring the balance sheet. First, the biggest misclassification of entries occurs on the Balance Sheet. Second, a great wealth of knowledge is missed from not correctly interpreting the picture created from Balance Sheet data.


How to Recession-Proof Your Bookkeeping Business

In this webinar, you'll learn how to recession-proof your bookkeeping services and business, to be aware of key trends and take advantage of recession-fueled opportunities.


The Power of Real-Time, Reliable, Relevant Financial Information

Dave Willson is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. He founded, operated, and sold numerous businesses. As CFO advisor, he helped optimize over 200 businesses, ensuring they produce relevant, reliable, and real-time information.

Beckett Simonon
Florida, USA & Columbia

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Ox & Pine

From garage to thriving E-commerce business. Incredibly rewarding self-funded venture.

Meet Stephanie, the owner of Ox and Pine, maker-of-leather-things, wife to a great guy, mom to 4 little kiddos, an avid runner, and a stickler for details. Ox & Pine sources the best leather, paper, and hardware for their leather products. Their craftsmanship techniques and strict quality control standards come from a desire to meet and exceed every customer's expectations.