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January 4, 2024

Hand Crafted Leather Luxury dress shoes, boots and leather sneakers without breaking the bank.

Beckett Simonon

Hand Crafted Leather Luxury dress shoes, boots and leather sneakers without breaking the bank.
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Florida, USA & Columbia
E-Commerce & Shoe Manufacturing

Executive Summary

Beckett Simonon has some of the nicest shoes I've ever seen for me. These are handcrafted and made to order for each customer. They focus on timeless and versatile designs and ensuring they have the perfect men's shoes. Only once the order has been placed do they start the manufacturing process. Regular updates are sent to each customer. The shoe is then sent straight from the factory to the client saving costs along the way which normally results from middlemen to the retailer. Put simply - it's "A smarter way to shop."

Beckett is the brainchild of Andres and Nicolas who manufacturer these shoes in Columbia and sell them across North America. Not only are they progressive in their approach to manufacturing and e-commerce but they are savvy in business. We love working with forward-thinking, highly responsive, intelligent clients. It makes working on complex problems worth every headache and heartache we experience.


Andres came to us in February 2020 looking for help getting his business into the digital age for their accounting. They had been working with an "old school" accounting firm but wanted to get access to real-time financial reporting and better insights into their business. Andres had spent significant time creating spreadsheets where he consolidated information from their e-commerce platforms and redoing the work provided by their old accountants. Some of the problems they were facing:

  • No visibility into their accounting reporting on a regular basis
  • No access to their Quickbooks file held by accounting firm
  • Reports were months delayed and inaccurate.
  • Information between e-commerce sales platforms not used in their accounting reporting.
  • Need to 'marry' e-commerce data to financial data was manual and incredibly time-consuming
  • Sales tax reporting and filing not handled correctly
  • Year-end financial reports used for tax returns result in the need for tax extensions
  • The budget created by the client not used in financial reporting
  • No Budget to actual variance analysis


We immediately started on the conversion from Quickbooks to Xero. However, getting that file from the previous accounting firm was a major challenge and took weeks for us to gain access. Once we had the file and had converted it into Xero we realized there were major issues with the way the books were being updated. Kami needed to spend hours (40 - 60 a month) cleaning up the financials already in the books for them to be usable for comparative reporting needs. As soon we had workable data we set about connecting the e-commerce platform to ensure all new data coming in was real-time. It took a month or two to ensure we had everything fully functional. Along the way, we realized the previous accountants had neglected the sale tax filings and we set about implementing TaxJar to ensure that Nexus was identified and each of the states taken care of.

Additionally, we started creating some real-time dashboards to be used by Andres. We consolidated some of the spreadsheets he uses and connected Xero to feed into the dashboards. These reports are now used, at least monthly, to give insights into performance and future expectations. We created a forecast to help understand costs and revenue projections to help Andre make informed decisions on how much they should expect to spend on marketing and costs. At ProvenCFO we love working with clients as responsive and as involved as Andres.

"Thank you so much for your excellent work. We really appreciate everything you guys do for us." - Andres Niño