August 2, 2019

Top 5 reasons cloud accounting will help your law firm grow

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with relevant, reliable, and real-time financial reporting. We call this our 3 R’s, and it’s the foundation of every client relationship. Here are those top 5 reasons to adopt cloud accounting in your practice:

1. Safety and Security

Safety & Security

Your practice is built on integrity and maintaining the trust of your clients. Keeping your client and financial data secure is our top safety priority. We’re pleased to partner with Xero, a global leader in cloud accounting systems. Backup functionality in the cloud prevents the possibility of data loss. You can also control privacy access to confidential data. This means that content doesn’t live on hardware in your office, which could be stolen or lost. With a record of 99.97% uptime, Xero delivers best-in-class availability, meaning it’s always there on any device, at any time.

2. Accuracy


It’s frustrating running your practice without accurate financial insights. Worse still, you may be using aged financial data to make management decisions. By implementing Xero, we can connect your bank accounts, credit cards, and client information directly into your accounting system. You’ll enjoy segmentation of client data, increased visibility into expenditures, and understand precisely what your profitability is. In addition, you’ll work with a Partner at ProvenCFO who can help you understand and analyze your company’s performance, increasing your ability to tweak management decisions to affect your financial future.

3. Integration


If you’re suffering from the headache of replicating data in multiple parts of your practice manually, you’ll love our solution. We analyze every process that your practice is currently using and make recommendations on which cloud business systems to implement. Our goal is to synchronize all data flows into your accounting system in real-time. Xero offers an expansive marketplace of cloud-based software with full integration capabilities. When synchronization is achieved, you’ll experience an increase in productivity, lower costs, and redundancy reduction — allowing you to focus on growing your practice, and less time spent on administrative fatigue.

4. Efficiency


Once complete integration is achieved, you’ll be able to access client and financial data anytime, anywhere, keeping your practice current. Overall efficiency and productivity increases, and you won’t spend time on unnecessary maintenance. Our goal is to give you the freedom to spend more time focused on revenue-generating activities. Experience improved financial reporting and greater freedom to focus on growth trajectory while maintaining transparency and visibility into your financial performance.

5. Cost


With our focus on automating processes utilizing an integrated cloud accounting & business approach, we offer a low decentralized cost structure to accommodate any size practice. Only pay for services that you need, and experience the benefit of having an experienced financial partner to assist as your practice grows.

About ProvenCFO

We are a 100% cloud accounting firm, focused on helping businesses adopt ‘best-in-class’ financial and managerial accounting practices. We’re experts in cloud accounting systems, cloud business systems, and ensuring that our clients experience complete integration across every facet of their business. Our team has a diverse background in accounting, banking, wealth advisory, and industry experience. We love helping businesses achieve scale, increase efficiency, lower costs, and make better management decisions.