Work-life balance

We encourage each other to live our best lives.

'Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life'

Dolly Parton

Make a life.

We strive for our work to be meaningful and enjoyable. But we also don’t want work to be our sole defining attribute.

You’ll often hear our founders encourage team members to leave work early and be with family and friends. Our combined goal is to experience the joy of living full and balanced lives.

As we continue to develop as individuals and as a team, we emphasize a few important teachings on a regular basis.

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Exercise & Meditation

Putting our physical and mental health first allows us to have greater capacity for the challenging work we tackle. Anytime we feel stress building, it’s time to hit a trail, go for a run, or seek a quiet space to reflect.

Limit time waste

We identify what’s most important, then draw firm boundaries so that we can devote quality time to our clients and work activities that matter. We’re always re-evaluating our practices to ensure we’re maximizing our potential.

Outsourced CFO
Outsourced CFO
Outsourced CFO

Start Small

We’re big believers in starting small. The old saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ applies to the work we do here. We encourage each other to find small, meaningful ways of improving everyday.

Avoid perfectionism

We understand that responsibilities increase as our families and business grows. Learning to let go of perfectionism, and rather encourage excellence, is how we adjust to meet life’s challenges and opportunities.

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What matters to us

Giving back

We love serving local charities. Our team volunteers two days each month at one of Provo’s homeless shelters.


You know what makes work fun? Working with a team that you respect and love seeing everyday.

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