Why ProvenCFO

Better than a full-time employee

We champion a team approach. Providing an Outsourced Controller, Accountant and CFO for each client.

Outsourced CFO
* Not actually Jason! Pics postponed due to COVID-19 :(

Reap the benefits

Partnering with ProvenCFO gives your business the financial intelligence edge to compete and win.

Full service

We have you covered from basic bookkeeping to dynamic financial forecasting

"The team at ProvenCFO are extremely easy to work with. They are always very responsive and are willing to provide as much help as needed."

Nicole Gardner, SVP Finance

Outsourced CFO
* Our new office ... Empty due to COVID-19
Outsourced CFO
* Our new office ... Empty due to COVID-19


Learning is at the core of our culture. Work with a team that can handle any complexity.

"The ProvenCFO team is an integral part of our business. The fully understand our financial systems and provide expertise and support that allows me to focus on growing my business."

Delia Elbaum, CEO


We are designed to help you scale up in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

"ProvenCFO is a game changer for me and my business. They've provided expertise and guidance to allow me to use my time to work on my business more. I highly recommend working with them."

Stephanie Brown, CEO

Outsourced CFO
* Our new office ... Empty due to COVID-19
Outsourced CFO
* Our new office ... Empty due to COVID-19


Our CFO app provides greater levels of financial transparency.

"ProvenCFO implemented useful systems and processes in our fast growing business. They've significantly improved the clarify of our financial situation, saving us time, money and headaches. Highly recommend them."

Andrew Redpath, COO & Co-founder

Our Services


Our bookkeeping process is continuous, ensuring your financial reporting is accurate and current.


Our approach to payroll saves you money, time, and energy, so you can focus on growing your business.

Bill Pay

Our payment protocols eliminates clutter and administrative headache. Putting you in control.

Outsourced CFO

As your business scales up, utilize our extensive intelligence dashboards, KPI reporting, and so much more.

Capital Advisory

Business growth requires capital. We open doors to both traditional and non-traditional sources of financing.


We’ve built an industry leading tool to streamline financial communication and provide detailed reporting.

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All plans include:

Software subscription costs
Access to a partner
Peace of mind

Our mission is to provide Relevant, Reliable, Real-time financial intelligence