Small Business


A focused study of small business best practices and anecdotes.

Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Find a good banker, a good lawyer, and a good accountant. Get to know your suppliers, your vendors, or your distribution channel. Take these people to lunch, invite them to your office. Pick their brains. Don’t forget to ASK for their support. The idea of “self-made” is nonsense. Donald Trump (love him or hate him) quickly wrote a book “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again” to try ensure all of America remembers him during this 2016 election cycle. This is only possible because he is surrounded by a massive support system. Success is built on good support. As a suggestion — if you need support and you’re in the early stages of business, try connecting with a mentor on I know some really amazing entrepreneurs. Find someone or several people who inspire you and emulate them.

Crocodiles, Sharks, & Ocean Sunsets

Crocodiles, Sharks, Jellyfish, and Sea-urchins all have something in common. They lurk beneath the surface in some of the most idyllic destinations on the planet. There is no paradise on earth that doesn’t have some sort of hidden dangers, issues, or complexities.

Playing the business odds

The odds of being born to rich parents, growing a Billion dollar company, or even surviving the 1st five years in business as an entrepreneur are all very low.

Self-employment, stress, and you!

In all seriousness, being self-employed can be awesome. Focusing on what you’re passionate about, flexibility in your schedule, and potential for wealth are just a few reasons to love being an entrepreneur. However, it’s not easy or for the faint of heart.

Buzzwords and Bull%!@#

Most of the truly intelligent people I know don’t seem to care about being perceived as smart. Truthfully, it’s almost as though they fear their “nerd” status and choose to embrace a very simple vocabulary when conveying their ideas and thoughts. On the other hand, I’ve met many a charlatan who pepper every sentence with “pomp and circumstance” so to appear gifted beyond mortal comprehension.

Becoming a Minimum Viable Business

To survive any crisis you need to transform your business into an MVB, a Minimum Viable Business.