Growth of a business is not just based on 1 idea. There are hundreds of subjects which need to be isolated to understand responses to challenges and to grow your organization.

Discovering your passion

I know many people who would love to “be their own boss” or “do something meaningful in business” or “not work for the man” — but are hoping to stumble into something that works for them in business. Being an entrepreneur requires a boatload of passion for what you are doing. This still leaves us some big questions — how do I find what I am passionate about to drive me towards success? I don’t really want to start my own business, but I want to be part of something awesome — Is passion only for entrepreneurs?

Ideas vs. Execution

Sometimes a good idea + a horrible idea can still result in success if properly executed. Take the Toyota Prius. This is a good idea (Eco-friendly hybrid automobile) along with a horrible idea (awful looking car! Very, very, very ugly). However, this car sells in the hundreds of thousands each year. Why? Because Toyota executes on their ideas really, really well!

Your Ever-Expanding Information System

Running your own business comes with all sorts of challenges. One problem I end up spending a lot of my consulting time on is creating, defining, and controlling the information flow in a business. The challenge we all face is picking the right tools for the task, implementing them correctly, training the team to use them appropriately, and then sticking to tools sufficiently long enough for the tool to be effective.

Top 5 reasons cloud accounting will help your law firm grow

Our mission is to provide you with relevant, reliable, and real-time financial reporting. We call this our 3 R’s, and it’s the foundation of every client relationship. Here are those top 5 reasons to adopt cloud accounting in your practice: