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Business advisor
October 23, 2015

Discovering your passion

Using drive, ambition, optimism, and focus to solve problems

Business advisor
October 16, 2015

Client Spotlight: Women’s Medical Associates of North Texas

Now with the addition of Zenkeep, we're able to spend more time focusing on providing quality care, and less time worrying about the bookkeeping, managerial accounting, and financial planning side of the business.

Business advisor
October 7, 2015

Small Business Accounting: Understanding the Balance Sheet

In my opinion and experience, the Balance Sheet is the most neglected and least understood financial document in the small business world

Business advisor
September 28, 2015

Small Business Accounting: Understanding the Income Statement

Most of our clients have wanted or needed help understanding their small business accounting needs

Business advisor
September 22, 2015

3 great accounting tools every business needs

Similar to climbing a mountain, a business owner needs to understand the route, the risk, and the reward. A good plan is necessary to tackle the highest peaks and reach the summit of success.